Popular Games:
  • 《Ninja Village》 is one of the most distinctive construction and operation social games.
  • 《Crazy Primitive》 let you away from multifarious city, running crazily in primitive forest.
  • 《Battle of Plants》Only the master can challenge the game!
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Corporate Culture


Delivering happiness, sharing life

Make more friends through healthy and interesting games, and share the life happiness among friends!


The company is to develop into the world’s best SG developer and operator.

Core value

Professional attention ---- our advantage

Professional: Our experienced management team has focused on the R&D and operation of the domestic community platform for eight consecutive years. The related statistics are the best evidence for our intimate knowledge about market demands.

Attention: We focus our attention on SG development and operation, and strive for the optimal product performance.

Pragmatic innovation ---- our goal

Innovation: We believe that originality is the mother of pleasures. Without an enduring innovative effort, it’d be impossible to create the excellent and popular products.

Pragmatic: With the market demands in mind, we approach the products in a down-to-earth manner.

Open-minded diligence --- our attitude

Diligence: We believe that learning is the top driver behind growth. Confronted by the ever-increasing market competition, we’ll strive for a constant rise in our self-value.

Open-minded: Approach our users and partners in an open-minded way and listen to different opinions with an open-minded ear.

Win-win cooperation --- our principle

Cooperation: We believe that the effective integration of independent resources and the ultimate use of independent advantages are sure to see a desirable effect, that is, the cooperation result being more than the mere sum of separate factors.

Win-win: Address the cooperation with a sincere and win-win attitude.

Corporate environment