Popular Games:
  • 《Ninja Village》 is one of the most distinctive construction and operation social games.
  • 《Crazy Primitive》 let you away from multifarious city, running crazily in primitive forest.
  • 《Battle of Plants》Only the master can challenge the game!
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July 2011

《Ninja Village》 released on Qzone.

May 2011

《Ninja Village》,《Crazy Primitive》,《Battle of Plants》,《Golden Car》 and 《Fashion Queen》 released on pengyou.com.

February 2011

《Ninja Village》,《Crazy Primitive》,《Happy Kitchen》,《Battle of Plants》 and 《The King Of Pirates》 released on Facebook.


December 2010

《Ninja Village》 was recognized as the Best Social Game in 2010 at the 3rd WEBGAME&SNS Operation Conference.

《Ninja Village》 was recognized as the Most Original Social Game in Entertainment Category in 2010 at the ChinaMode Conference.

September 2010

《Ninja Village》 released on qidian.com

《Happy Ferris Wheel(New)》 released on Manyou.com

August 2010

Ismole Inc. got the financial support of several million dollars from SIG Asia Investment LLLP

《Ninja Village》 released on Manyou.com

《Ninja Village.》released on kaixin001.com

《Happy Kitchen (Summer Edition) 》released on hi.baidu.com

May 2010

《Happy Ferris Wheel》released on my 4399.com

《Happy Kitchen 2.0 》released on 51.com

April 2010

《Happy Kitchen 2.0 》released on renren.com and Myspace.cn

February 2010

Ismole Inc. was officially relocated to the new building in Zhongguancun SOHO

《Happy Kitchen》 released on MBGA in Japan

January 2010

《Happy Kitchen》 released on MIXI in Japan


December 2009

Ismole Inc. was recognized by Sohu IT News Award as the 2009 Excellent Developer of Developers Community.

《Crazy Premitives II 》released on Manyou.com

《Happy Kitchen 》released on facebook

November 2009

Ismole Inc. was rated as the gold certified partner of renren.com.

《Happy Kitchen》 released on 52.com, baidu.com and 360.com.

October 2009

Ismole Inc. was nominated the developer for the Best Social Game at the 2nd WEBGAME&SNS Conference.

September 2009

《Happy Kitchen》released on renren.com and Myspace.cn

August 2009

Ismole Inc. joined hands with 7Days Inn, China’s leading budget hotel, to release 7 Days’ social game --- 《Happy Hotel》

《Happy Kitchen》 released on Manyou.com

July 2009

Ismole Inc.’s founder and CEO Chen Shuyi attended the 7th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference.

June 2009

Ismole Inc. got the financial support from Angel Investment, and witnessed its first period of rapid growth.

May 2009

Ismole Inc. received an award as the 2008-2009 SNS Application Development Star at the 4th Annual Conference of Internet Webmasters.

《Crazy Premitives II》 released on renren.com, 51.com and Manyou.com

《Sunflower of Stop Hold》 released on Manyou.com

March 2009

《Crazy Primitive》won the“Open Social Application in China” which is awarded by Goolge, renren.com, 51.com, tianya.cn and myspace.com.


December 2008

Ismole Inc. received the Silver Prize of 2008 China’s Excellent Software Innovation Competition

《Full House》 released on 51.com

November 2008

Ismole Inc. received the first prize of Monthly Users’ Active State and Value-added Income on 51.com open platform

Ismole Inc. received the first prize of TheGame08 Development Competition on Myspace.cn.

October 2008

Ismole Inc. was recognized as the Best Application Developer on Manyou.com

September 2008

Ismole Inc. received the second prize of Xiaonei.com Innovative Programming Competition.

《Pet Cuddle》 released on 51.com and Manyou.com

August 2008

Cohabitation released on renren.com

《Pet Cuddle》 released on renren.com

《I’m A Landlord》released on renren.com

April 2008

Ismole Inc. entered the domestic SNS market and participated in the open platform improvement and application development.


December 2007

Ismole Inc.’s founder developed the first application on Facebook and attracted 500,000 users in a short time.