Popular Games:
  • 《Ninja Village》 is one of the most distinctive construction and operation social games.
  • 《Crazy Primitive》 let you away from multifarious city, running crazily in primitive forest.
  • 《Battle of Plants》Only the master can challenge the game!
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Social Recruitment

Talent Concept

You, as a firm point, can move our future!

——Ismole Inc.’s Founder & CEO Chen Shuyi

As Ismole Inc.’s staff, we hope to tell you:

1. Seated inside Zhongguancun soho, we enjoy a favorable working environment and a readily accessible location.

2. We, as the young generation, have a light-hearted working atmosphere. Actually, “delivering happiness and sharing life” is the philosophy cherished by every employee in our company.

3. Every employee will access the free and regular training programs so that we can constantly study and improve in work.

4. HR Department and department manager will help every employee design his or her career planning so that our future is readily accessible.

5. We’ll provide the abundant compensations and benefits.

6. Besides hard work, we hope to build a strong body.

7. As a new team, we love game, work and especially life.

You, who hope to become Ismole Inc.’s employee:

1. A dream-seeking warrior;

2. Love game and pursue game as a lifelong cause;

3. Love work and especially life;

4. Create and especially share happiness;

5. Own a strong sense of curiosity and make persistent efforts to study and think;

6. Accept and embrace the concept of team work.

Position Demand: