Micro-blog Game Execution Planner

State of Recruitment:
Release Time:
CET4 and above
Work Site:
College Degree:
Bachelor’s Degree and above
Type of Work:
full-time / internship
Description of Demand:
Job Responsibility

1. Creating the written version of the team’s ideas;

2. Enriching the game contents (including name, background and hints);

3. Designing the game planning according to the overall game demand.

Position Demand

1. A university degree or above in the key universities or colleges; majoring in journalism and media is preferred; a fresh college graduate;

2. CET4 and above

3. A strong writing and editing ability; imaginative and creative

4. Having good communication skills and team cooperation spirit, being active and dedication.

5. Loving network game is preferred.

To apply for any of the above-stated jobs, please send the resume to the mailbox of Ismole Inc. HR Department:hr@ismole.com    The theme shall be marked as “job-application + the name of position you hope to apply for”.