Creative Graphic Designer

State of Recruitment:
Release Time:
Work Site:
College Degree:
Bachelor’s Degree and above
Type of Work:
full-time / internship
Description of Demand:
Job Responsibility

1. Conducting the creative graphic design of game scenes or roles according to the graphic style in the game; understanding and interpreting the main graphic style in the project;

2. Designing the user-centered and user-friendly game interfaces;

3. Supporting game marketing campaigns and helping design team to design the products;

Position Demand

1. At least one-year design experience, a strong design and innovative ability, a unique set of painting style and a good skill at designing different styles of characters and props, etc;

2. A solid graphic background, a flexible use of style based on the game demand, and an ability to instruct the product team’s creation of a uniform painting style.

3. Proficient in Flash (at least 2 years experience on Flash), having attainments on Flash, Can use photoshop drawing, a better understanding on AI.

4. Advocating user experience design, like to delve into user experience design and have some unique ideas, and is willing to discuss, share with others.

5. A university degree or above. Major in arts.

6. Good professional ethics and education accomplishment, having fully understanding ability and team cooperation spirit.

Please attach the flash paintings and photoshop works in your resume, no works not interview, thank you for your cooperation!

To apply for any of the above-stated jobs, please send the resume to the mailbox of Ismole Inc. HR    The theme shall be marked as “job-application + the name of position you hope to apply for”.