System Operation and Maintenance Engineer

State of Recruitment:
Release Time:
Work Site:
College Degree:
Bachelor’s Degree and above
Type of Work:
full-time / internship
Description of Demand:
Job Responsibility

1. Taking responsibility for the operation and maintenance of business server system.

2. Ensuring the stability and security of server system.

3. Assisting other departments in deployment and testing of system framework.

Position Demand

1. A university degree or above. Major in computer science;

2. At least two-year experience in the maintenance of Unix/Linux system;

3. An intimate knowledge of Unix/Linux system and system network security, and a good programming performance in Shell or Perl.

4. Familiar with LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework, having rich experience on the disposition, to technologies framework structures, optimization, and troubleshoot etc. For high load, big traffic situations of LAMP architecture has operation experience is preferred.

5. Familiar with MySQL with the experience on MySQL server maintained and optimized.

6. Familiar with DNS, Squid, NFS and such network service application.

7. With the experience on manage a large server maintenance is preferred.

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