Numerical Planning Assistant

State of Recruitment:
Release Time:
Language Requirement:
CET4 and above
Work Site:
College Degree:
Bachelor’s Degree and above
Type of Work:
full-time / internship
Description of Demand:
Job Responsibility

1. Supporting the major numerical planner in the creation of overall game data structure according to the development expectation and operation status in the game.

2. Preparing and maintaining the related data table.

Position Demand

1. A university degree or above. Major in math and sciences and statistics.

2. A strongly math ability and a good command of Excel’s parameter setting, solving and chart creating ability.

3. A love of community game, an excellent learning ability and an ability to summarize experience and principle from work and increase work efficiency.

To apply for any of the above-stated jobs, please send the resume to the mailbox of Ismole Inc. HR    The theme shall be marked as “job-application + the name of position you hope to apply for”.