Overseas Customer Service Specialist

State of Recruitment:
Release Time:
Language Requirement:
CET4 and above
Work Site:
College Degree:
Bachelor’s Degree and above
Type of Work:
full-time / internship
Description of Demand:
Job Responsibility

1. Collecting, organizing and submitting the users’ feedbacks in various ways.

2. Assisting other departments in the publication of online and offline activities and game notices.

3. Assisting all the related departments in giving feedbacks on treatment results and communicating with the players in a timely and accurate way.

Position Demand

1. A university degree or above. A female applicant with the prior experience in network game and forum management is preferred.

2. CET4 and above.

3. A good communication skill, a flexible response to any problems; a strong sense of team work.

To apply for any of the above-stated jobs, please send the resume to the mailbox of Ismole Inc. HR Department:hr@ismole.com    The theme shall be marked as “job-application + the name of position you hope to apply for”.