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  • 《Ninja Village》 is one of the most distinctive construction and operation social games.
  • 《Crazy Primitive》 let you away from multifarious city, running crazily in primitive forest.
  • 《Battle of Plants》Only the master can challenge the game!
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《Ninja Village》

Ninja Village

《Ninja Village》 is a ninja-themed war-style social game which developed and operated by Ismole.Ninja-themed is the most important element in this game. The look of game is colourful, the content is health, the theme is positive. Game elements are rich and colorful, the player can decorate their own style village by construction, layout and decorations. Game has strongly interactivity. Full screen mode can make players more intimate gaming experience.


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《Crazy Primitive》

Crazy Primitive

《Crazy Primitive》is a social game which developed and operated by Ismole. The game is set in primitive age and including hunting, adventure and forming types.


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《Battle of Plants》

Battle of Plants

《Battle of Plants》 is the first social game that advocate protecting environment in China. The game absorption the advantages from classic anti-tower type, strategy type and forming type games, and players through deep cooperation between friends, to accomplish the task of saving the earth.


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《Golden Car》

Golden Car

《Golden Car》 is a operation and competition social game which developed and operated by Ismole. In the 《Golden Car》, player is a boss of car factory. He needs to manage his own factory which can help friends to wash, repair their cars, and earn extra money to accumulate wealth.


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《The King Of Pirates》

The King Of Pirates

"The King Of Pirates "is a RPG game. The player will play the role of pirate. A breathtaking adventure is coming.


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《Happy Kitchen》

Happy Kitchen

Food is the top priority to everyone. The small kitchen can stimulate our grand dreams! Actually, it’s a nice place where we can taste the pleasure in cuisine. Everyone has his own kitchen. As long as we join hands with the kitchen elves, we can create many unique delicacies so that every visitor can sense the strong warmth and happiness.

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《Cohabitation》 is an entertainment SG with love as its theme. In this game, you can get a local friend with opposite sex but same hobby to grow flowers, work and even build a warm family together.


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《Fish Gala》

Fish Gala

《Fish Gala》 is a mobile social game which developed and operated by Ismole.

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《Golf Gala》

Golf Gala

《Golf Gala》 is a mobile social game which developed and operated by Ismole, which with Android, iPhone and iPad versions.

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