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Golden Car

《Golden Car》 is a operation and competition social game which developed and operated by Ismole.

In the 《Golden Car》, player is a boss of car factory. He needs to manage his own factory which can help friends to wash, repair their cars, and earn extra money to accumulate wealth.

Meanwhile player is a car enthusiast, like collection, like refitting, like racing. Player can collect fancy cars, and create their favorite modelling for motor show to make all players enjoy your original design! Driving your own car and having a competition with close friends, which is can win a huge bonus, also is a kind of enjoyment.

In the game, all players will get a “zhangxiaohe” avatar, the avatar gives players is not only a dress up image, and also an effective way to increase interaction between users. Players can choose the beautiful and favorite clothes in the dress up mall, make their own avatar. Besides, players also can hired friends to change image.


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