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Fish Gala

《Fish Gala》 is a mobile social game which developed and operated by Ismole.

Through the touch and gravity induction, players can keep fish in the virtual tank, use abundant props and decorations, and participate in love system with friends. In addition, the game has built-in two little gravity game for players to challenge themselves in leisure.

In the game, every fish has its own character, four growth stages have various forms and the fishes will drop jewels when they grow up. The jewels are the main financial source for players to buys the virtual items. Fish can speak, they even can speak cold jokes, and when you touch the fish, they can acting.

Through the in-game platform, the players can search and add friends, they not only can message to chat, and can send love request in the game for his fish. Especially in the love stage, players have the opportunities to use special love props, and may produce secret varieties of fish.

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