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Golf Gala

《Golf Gala》 is a mobile social game which developed and operated by Ismole, which with Android, iPhone and iPad versions.

In the game, players need hit off all the stars by hit golf balls, to break through nearly hundred levels. The number of your sticks and your pass time will decide whether to open the next level. Meanwhile the game has a level editor, players are freedom to design their levels by exert their creativity.

The game has a primarily scene with household, which contains sofa, television, toys, vases and all kinds of game elements and props. The painting style is bright and lovely, props of style are different. Using and dodging props will affect the results. Overall, the game is trial player’s judgment of route and ability of props using.

Players after login the platform, can also download and on the custom level. Players not only can download other players’ excellent designed level to play, but also can share their designed level on platform, and can check their own games integral ranking, make friends in the game.

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