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Happy Kitchen

《Happy Kitchen》 is a simulative social game which developed and operated by Ismole.

Food is the top priority to everyone. The small kitchen can stimulate our grand dreams! Actually, it’s a nice place where we can taste the pleasure in cuisine. Everyone has his own kitchen. As long as we join hands with the kitchen elves, we can create many unique delicacies so that every visitor can sense the strong warmth and happiness.

With the bright and lively color as a dominating factor, the game graphics can impress the players with an instant sense of happiness. Besides, the decorative elements, which stress the individual features, offer the players a chance to DIY their own kitchens. Also, the distinctive cooking effect creates a tangible culinary experience for the game players.


In the game, we can not merely prepare various delicacies in our own kitchen, but taste the ready-made food at our friend’s kitchen. Moreover, we can work together with us to collect menus, decorate scene and taste the cooking happiness.


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