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Ninja Village

《Ninja Village》 is a ninja-themed war-style social game which developed and operated by Ismole.

Ninja-themed is the most important element in this game. The look of game is colourful, the content is health, the theme is positive. Game elements are rich and colorful, the player can decorate their own style village by construction, layout and decorations. Game has strongly interactivity. Full screen mode can make players more intimate gaming experience.

After entering the game players can choose his favorite ninja as leading role, and then could manipulate their ninja building their own village, let your ninja village become more and more powerful. Simultaneously players must through continuous of experience, and having competitions with others to become the most excellent ninja.

Finish all kinds of tasks in the game, which is one of the rapid ways to upgrade. The task system in game is different from other games. Take each task with player’s popular comic, which make the game all the difference and special.


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